Visiting the Incline
The Visitors Center   VC

The Visitors Center provides an extensive orientation area for visitors to Johnstown, describing the various tourist attractions available in the region. Its spacious and informative display area was created by Metaform, Inc., the same company that designed the displays for New York’s Statue of Liberty.  These include some historic images of Johnstown's various floods as well as three-dimensional displays that model how Johnstown looked back in the canal days.

In the lobby to the right of the Visitors Center is a large window from which you can view the motors and machinery that control the Inclined Plane. 

Each view gives a unique perspective on the cables, motors, and mechanisms that control the Incline's journey.

The Observation Deck   observeleft

The observation deck provides an extensive view of the greater Johnstown region.  Directly in front is a gap in the valley where the 1889 floodwaters emerged following the path of the Little Conemaugh River.  The 25 foot wall of water crossed directly in front smashing into Yoder Hill, then backwashed to the south up the path of the Stoney Creek, and then came back, down river, jamming at the Old Stone Bridge that still stands, just south of the Point Stadium. 

The Point is where the Stoney Creek, which is right below you, and the Little Conemaugh River, which is across the valley to the east of Johnstown, join to form the Conemaugh River.  The Conemaugh flows in a northwesterly direction, eventually joining the Kiskiminitas and then on to the Allegheny River north of Pittsburgh at Freeport.

The Incline Gift Shop   giftshop

Our Gift Shop is atop the Inclined Plane.  This is a great place to find an assortment of affordable gift items, collectibles, clothing, souvenirs, post cards, maps, tourist information, soft drinks, candy and popcorn. We also feature unique Inclined Plane collectibles including special addition coins, Christmas ornaments, books, t-shirts, and sweatshirts.

The Gift Shop also features a window from which you can view the motors and machinery that control the Inclined Plane.  Stop in and watch how the mechanism works. 

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The Ice Cream Shoppe   ice cream

On the observation desk is an Ice Cream Shoppe, where you can purchase refreshments and ice cream in the warmer months.