Group Tour Reservation Form


We welcome tour groups from all over!

Each year, the Incline plays host to tour groups from all over the country and the world. Coming from far to learn about the rich history of Johnstown and the Laurel Highlands, the groups take in the scenic views from our observation deck and the history lesson from our visitors center.

We also welcome school groups, organizations, reunions, and even the occassional wedding party!

We ask that you inform us of your plans to visit the incline if your group is large in number by filling out the form to the right and emailing it to us. We can offer you a discount for a group of more than 20 and make sure that your visit is smooth and enjoyable.

Check out our hiking & biking page for information on the Incline's hillside trail and other parks near to the Incline. Students and teachers can also download lesson plans for their visit to the Incline off our "For Teachers" page!